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Individuals, couples, groups, small businesses and corporations can all find programs and events that perfectly fit their needs with our services. 

Each event, program and service offer unique growth and learning opportunities that offer elevated levels of results. 

We welcome the opportunity to chat with you about programs that will work best to meet the specific needs for you, your company and your team. 
Individual or Couples Coaching

The coaching services assist individuals and couples to elevate life experience in the personal, business, spiritual and/or relationship areas. Even when the focus is on one area, we will seek balance in all areas. These services truly are Whole Life programs.
Team Development Programs

Our team development programs enrich your team's skill level in many areas. While we design our programs to address your specific needs, your team will also elevate and expand in multiple areas such as:

~Communication~    ~Team Cohesiveness~    ~Conflict Resolution~    ~Commitment~   
 ~Trust~    ~Focus~    ~Productivity~    ~Responsibility~    ~Embracing Differences~   
 ~Follow Through~    ~Relationship Building~    
and much more 
Group Coaching and Milestone Masters

Group Coaching and our signature Milestone Masters program offer incredible ROI. Your group will elevate growth and learning through the sharing and discussion of ideas, wins, areas of potential growth and even areas of perceived failure. These programs will assist your team in moving through obstacles, facing conflict, following-through and all of the skill areas listed above in the team development program area. 
The energy created in the team atmosphere moves far beyond the participants; it reaches their co-workers, employees, the project and the entire company. 
Interactive Seminars, Experiential Workshops 
and Team Development Programs

Take your team or group even further with our Interactive Seminars and Experiential Workshops. In these events we take learning to whole new levels of excitement and practice/usage. 

In our Interactive Seminars engaging speakers present topics that fit your needs, fully engage your team and inspire them to make the needed changes in the workplace. You will see your team seeking new ways to create incredible opportunities for success.

The  Experiential Workshops offer opportunity for change on the core levels that will reflect into the workplace and into the world. This growth will inspire the participants to continued growth and elevate team moral, team collaboration, understanding and cooperation. The participants of these programs experience elevated core values and focused purpose that serves them in all areas of their lives. 
These are a few examples of events and programs we offer. As with every event and program presented in our 23+ year history, your event, program or Coaching sessions will be customized to fit your exact needs and desires. 
Give us a call to discover how Unlimited Reality and Kenny Brixey 
 can assist you in taking your team to new heights of success.
                      Unlimited Reality ®                                               Author, Coach, Trainer, Teacher, Minister                                                   Kenny Brixey ®
Spiritual Coaching and Counseling

The deeper we connect with our spiritual awareness, the more clarity, peace and guidance we experience in all areas of life. Kenny meets you where you are spiritually and assists you in making a deeper spiritual connection that opens you to the guidance available for every step of your life.  
Experiential Speaking

Common Speech Topics include:
* Communicate to Understand
* Conflict Resolution
* Intelligent Risk Taking
* The Power of Vulnerability
* Team Empowerment 

While these are the common topics, speeches can be developed to address the specific focus and needs of your event and group.