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Elevate Your Relationship- Beginning January 22, 2019 

 Elevate Your Relationship in 2019
 A free 21-day journey to deeper love and understanding in your relationship.

 Is your relationship everything you ever wanted it to be? Does it live up to the expectations you once  had for it? Do you still see your partner as you did when you first began the relationship? Do you feel the same love that existed when you first entered your relationship?

There are no wrong answers here and judgment is not required. Elevate Relationships is a 21-day journey to enhance and enrich your relationship wherever you may be in yours. You will rekindle the love that you may feel is no longer present and you will elevate love beyond all it ever was.

 Imagine loving deeper than ever before.
 Imagine deeper understanding of your partner.
 Imagine deeper understanding of yourself in the relationship.
 Imagine passion radiating from within you and guiding your experience of the relationship.
 Imagine being able to grow and allow your partner to grow with no limits.
 Imagine love as an expression, a feeling and a gift you give and receive always.

Elevating relationships will open deeper awareness of your relationship and your role in it while offering tremendous opportunity to elevate and expand the love that you have or once had.

Join us on this journey to enriched relationship, sacred practices and elevated love. You will experience a new and expanded peace within you and your relationship.
You deserve purest love.

Also: Be sure to give the gift of love to others as well. Invite your partner, your friends and your family to join in this beautiful journey to peace and renewed hope through loving relationships.

 Coming Soon- Living Wholeheartedly

 Do you ever feel that there is something more you are meant to do with your life? Do you ever feel life  is  not as full and satisfying as it should be? Living Wholeheartedly is a 4 day experiential workshop  providing you with the assistance, tools and support you need to realize the power you already have  within you. You will learn to live life from your heart as well as your mind. Join us for this interactive  journey to your truth. Dates and Times announced soon. 
 Coming Soon- Discovering The Divine Within

 Inspired by Kenny Brixey's book of the same name, Discovering The Divine Within is a 2 day  workshop of opening awareness and reconnecting to the incredible Divine energy within your very own  being. All to often we seek our answers out in the world; through other people, material things,  addictions and more. The answers we seek are truly never further away than our connection with the  Divine energy. That energy is inviting you to connect and to hear. Dates and Times announced soon. 
Coming Soon- Communicate to Understand

 In this on-line workshop we will delve into the common listening mistakes we all make and learn tools  and techniques that encourage effective communication. In Communicate To Understand you will learn  how to communicate with difficult people, interrogators, intimidators and those who are too shy to speak  up. You will learn how to hear the words that are spoken and you will learn how to be heard so that true  connection and understanding occur. Dates and Times announced soon. 
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