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discovering your power; your truth, your authenticity.
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No Excuses... No Limits... Just Results...
"No Excuses... No Limits... Just Results..." serves as a wise and insightful Sherpa for you while traveling an amazing journey to your ultimate dreams and goals. This loving guide assists you in setting and reaching your highest goals and is a source of encouragement inviting you to experience and live life as your authentic and amazing self.

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Awakening Insights
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"Awakening Insights" is a collection of positive thoughts and affirmations that serve to inspire and assist you in waking and living in your amazing truth and power. These insightful sparks offer hope and guidance for your journey and assist in breaking through the limiting beliefs that threaten to stop you along the way. Open your life to its awesome potential. Your beliefs create your reality so let go of all that is not serving you… soar to your unlimited reality… Every Day!

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Books that expand and elevate your experience of life
Discovering The Divine WIthin
"Discovering the Divine Within" is a collection of essays, meditations and affirmations that will awaken your Spiritual connection. There is a beautiful truth deep within you. This truth is God, Universe, your higher-power. It is whatever you need to call it and it has been your source for unconditional love always. Acknowledging this truth opens you to more fully experience unconditional love and calming inner peace throughout your life.

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Journey To Authentic Living
Kenny Brixey and the wonderful Pam Thomas collaborated to bring forth this tool for empowering individuals to play bigger, encouraging groups to tap into their combined energy for greater results and awakening corporations to fully discover, utilize and appreciate the full extent of resources found within their assets. By creating awareness of each person’s unlimited potential; beliefs expand, elevated actions are taken and greater results are received.

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​Meditation CDs and MP3's
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The Relationship Toolbox

It is said that relationships are hard. This is true when our focus falls on all that is wrong, and we adopt a “fix it” mentality. Relationships need not be hard, they simply require attention and intention towards the goodness and love that is available. The Relationship Toolbox is a collection of resources designed to assist in creating empowering behaviors and beliefs that elevate and expand love. We can transform the situations where we once withheld love into opportunities where our authentic expression of love is abundant. The Relationship Toolbox guides us to more fully open awareness to the goodness and truth of the relationship, and from here, we create opportunities to elevate and expand love and peace beyond our greatest desires. When we expand our expression of love into the relationship, we receive, in abundance, the love that is available always.

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Embracing The Divine Within
When we embrace the Divinity that is inherent within each of us, we empower the peace, love and light that we experience. This empowerment provides us a foundation upon which we can face any situation in life, and we can do so with peace and clarity. The chaos of daily life need not create stress and worry. We can turn instead, to the Divine presence within and transform chaos into peace. The experience of peace, love and light then becomes our expression into the world.

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